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Danit Rofeh's Quilting Studio

A Loving Home for the Art of Quilting

About Us

A loving Home for the Art of Quilting

Danit Rofeh started taking an interest in quilting near the end of the 1980's. Back then she made dolls and sewed her first quilt from various leftover fabrics. In 1990 she moved with her close family to Berkeley, California, where she spent 6 years working with the leading quilters & artists in the field, and for a year, ran "New Pieces" - a shop dedicated to teaching, exhibiting and selling quilts and all the necessary equipment for them.

When she moved back to Israel in the summer of 1996, Danit decided to open up a place of her own, where people in Israel could come to learn and work together, purchase quality materials and display their creations with pride. And thus, in 1997, "Danit's Quilting Studio" was founded.

In the image: Danit Rofeh explaining a quilting technique to a group of 6 students

Group lessons take place in the studio daily, in the mornings (10:00-13:00) or in the afternoon (17:00-20:00). Danit also teaches private quilting lessons, when requested. In these lessons you can ask to be instructed in a wide variety of quilting styles - from traditional methods, such as 'the log cabin' and 'trip around the world' and all the way to the innovative 'art-quilt' techniques.


Beyond her work as a devoted teacher in her quilting studio, Danit is also an active quilter in her own right. Most of her work leans toward the style of 'art-quilt', however she also makes much use of the traditional methods. These methods serve her as a basic frame of work, with which she can use and combine fabrics in colors and associations that are not, in fact, traditional, and thus she expresses and represents her personal feelings and ideas.

You are welcome to contact us for more information or to sign up and begin learning with us!


phone: 03-5172444     Email:

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Danit's Quilting Studio is located at 37 Geula st. Tel Aviv, Israel

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