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מכתב תודה מרגש מגייל

אני רוצה לשתף אתכם במכתב נפלא שקיבלתי מגייל, תלמידה ותיקה ויקרה שלי. התרגשתי ובכיתי כשקיבלתי אותו...אין מילים בפי לתאר את התחושה כשמישהו מספר לי דבר כזה, זה מחזק בי את הידיעה שהסטודיו הנהדר הזה הוא לא רק שלי, אלא גם של כל קבוצת האנשים המיוחדת במינה שמתקבצת פה.

אוהבת אתכם, דנית.

"A person who influences your life is a very special person, and in my" life, that person is Danit. Starting with lessons from Danit many years ago, I now realize what quilting means to me. Quilting fills my life with many happy hours, hours of inner peace and a feeling of satisfaction. I have made many bed quilts, runners, table cloths, wall hangings, all for family and friends. With this ability however, my greatest satisfaction comes from the quilt and cushion I made for a special soldier – let’s call him D After seeing him being wheeled into Tel Hashomer during Tzuk Eitan and being touched to the heart, through various means I contacted his family and asked permission to make him a lap quilt. On completing the lap quilt and cushion, I found out where D was in rehabilitation, and together with my family, took him the quilt and cushion. What a gentle, unassuming young man!. …… After thanking me, he said to me “just in time for the cold weather”. So, thank you, Danit, for this amazing gift you have given me."

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